Staging Outdoor Patios

Patio Home Staging

Staging outdoor patios in Vancouver will definitely help you increase your chances of selling your property.    I’ve seen properties that look amazing, but the deck or patio is often forgotten.  A naked patio can seem like a bit of a wasteland.  Also, what does your patio overlook?  Is there a concrete wall next door, or a highway, or a lane?


Here’s a patio we recently staged.  The condo was beautifully presented indoors, but the outside patio overlooked a lane, and even worse, an auto body shop!  I was called in by the Realtor® to see if I could come up with some way to “down play” the “Fix-It Tony” shop.  Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not trying to fool anyone here.  However, what we are trying to do is show potential home buyers that yes, there’s a lane and an auto body shop, but it can be minimized.  The condo was in a great location, spacious and had so much going for it.


How did we solve the problem?  We staged the deck by adding a minimal amount of outdoor furniture.  By adding cushions, plants and a few accessories, the grey slabs of concrete transformed into an outdoor space where you could sit and read the paper in the summer, or enjoy your meals al fresco.


To distract from the auto body shop, we lined trees up along the railing, thus blocking out the view of the auto body building  and sign.  I used faux trees, but it would be easy enough for the new owner to add real trees, planted in a pot.  We are happy to say that this condo is now sold!

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