Home Staging Services

When selling a property, the biggest concern is normally to get the highest bid as you can and as soon as possible. At Exit Stage Right we can help you do that. As no two property sales are the same we provide a variety of home staging services to best deliver a sale for home owners, and or increase the high-end closing rates for real estate agents.


Improper layout of furniture in an occupied home can often be harmful to achieving the highest possible sale amount. While a lived-in home can seem very personal, a home buyer may feel as if they are intruding on someone else’s property, and not see their own.

To make things worse, home buyers often have difficulty deciphering whether their furniture will fit into a room or not.  An oddly shaped and organized room can leave potential buyers scratching their head in confusion, as they won’t know how to utilize the space appropriately.

Using the home staging services of Exit Stage Right, we diagnose whether furnishing or accessorizing your home will appeal directly to the new home buyers subconscious. We take their attention off the irrelevant details and get them into the buying mode (and buying your home).

Furnishing a property with accessories, artwork and lighting, we create a warm, welcoming ambiance.  We can prove beyond a doubt that furniture fits in a room, which causes buyers to imagine themselves living in the space.

By strategically placing the furniture to emphasize beautiful, architectural focal points, such as fireplaces or windows, we can deliver a slam-dunk sale or cause a bidding war.

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Empty homes can be tougher to sell as they will appear cold, stark and unwelcoming.  When a home is vacant, buyers have nothing to focus on except the tiniest defects on the walls, and floors. This makes it harder to sell your home as well a lot of the time can reduce the potential value of the sale.

Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in a home — and that’s hard to accomplish when they’re staring at empty rooms. Without furniture there is no frame of reference, making it difficult for buyers to tell the scale and the size of a room.

When buyers have to start questioning…they’ll normally just walk away.

Our vacant home staging services use our exceptional variety of furniture, artwork & accessories, to make your home ready to buy. A property that is inviting has qualities of being neutral when it comes to personal photographs, memorabilia, trophies, etc…We use various ways to neutralize your home and make it appeal to the broadest range of people possible.  Some of the things we do are:


  • We help buyers relax by de-cluttering (let’s face it, we all have accumulated too much stuff!)

  • We make the home appealing by neutralizing bold paint colours

  • We help buyers feel welcome by de-personalizing – removing and packing up all personal photographs, memorabilia, trophies, collections

  • By re-hanging or adding artwork, we can make your prospects visualize themselves living in the space

  • We save you time and hassle by doing all the work for you