About Exit Stage Right


What can I tell you about me? Well, it’s really all about you and how I can help YOU.

sally-weatherley-exit-stage-right-home-stagingI recently had a client who had done extensive renovations to his home. The home looked beautiful, but it was empty. The Realtor convinced the Seller to stage the property, but the Home Owner was reluctant to invest in staging. However, the Realtor was adamant that staging would help sell the property, so the Home Owner agreed.

The problem is, there’s nothing more cold and sterile for Home Buyers, than viewing an empty house. The soul of the home is missing. There’s no warmth and no vision of what life would be like for the Home Buyer.

Why would you want to invest in staging a vacant or empty property? A staged property is warm and welcoming. Comfy cushions on a sofa, colourful artwork on the walls and lamps casting a nice glow entice the Home Buyer to imagine them selves living in the home.

Home Staging a vacant property can also remove Home Buyer objections. “Oh, I don’t think my queen sized bed will fit in this room”… When your rooms are staged with furniture, the proof is right in front of the Home Buyer’s eyes.

We also placed carefully chosen accessories that would grab the Home Buyer’s attention. Some items were nostalgic, while others had a hint of glamour or a sense of peace and quiet. Other accessories hinted to where the home was located and the assets that the location had to offer. All these items helped to tug at the Home Buyer’s heart strings.

In the end, this home sold within a few weeks, for over asking price. When a home is priced right, has a great, hardworking Realtor and is presented beautifully through staging, magic happens.

Here’s what the Home Owner had to say after the home sold


“Thanks for your services, you did an awesome job. At first I was a bit skeptical of the idea of staging our house. I thought that since everything was new, staging wouldn’t be needed, and that prospective buyers would just picture their belongings in the house. Well, I was wrong, and once I saw the house staged, I knew we made the right choice.” Gordon Foster


What makes you qualified to be a Home Stager?

sally-weatherley-exit-stage-right-home-staging2I am a trained Interior Designer, through the Interior Design programme at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology), with a Management Certificate in Interior Design. This is where we studied the elements and principles of design that are the foundation of a successful design or stage. The light went on when my History of Furniture instructor mentioned the world of home staging. I loved the idea of a “hands on” approach to design, and decided to form my staging company immediately upon graduation.

Unfortunately, many Home Stagers don’t have any formal schooling or instruction in design, apart from a brief 3 – 5 day home staging course. Good, solid design instruction is lacking, and I’m grateful that I have a solid foundation in design as ground work to my stages.

I’m a Canadian Staging Professional (CSP) and Professional Real Estate Staging (PRES) graduate. I have the honour of being the only Canadian to serve on the Board of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), the international governing body for the staging industry.
I also studied advanced staging techniques with the best of the best, Matthew Finlason, celebrity designer and stager from the local television show, “The Stagers”. Matthew’s cutting edge vision of the paradigm shift that staging has taken opened my eyes to a new form of staging that takes into consideration psychographics and demographics. Vanilla staging is a thing of the past. Targeting the buyer with laser accuracy and staging for that buyer is the new norm.

  • What did you do before you started your staging career?

I was born and raised in Vancouver, but always had a passion for the French language. I studied French at university, travelling to Quebec City and Grenoble, France, in a quest to perfect this language.


  • What does one do with a French degree?

They join the airlines, of course! I worked for many years with Air Canada as a Flight Attendant, based in Halifax and Toronto. Finally, I decided to retire my wings and raise two lovely daughters. My daughters have now spread their wings and flown off to study and persue their own dreams.

Exit Stage Right was founded in 2009 and I’ve enjoyed every moment. There’s nothing like having a career that you are passionate about. I love the whole staging process, from meeting clients to transforming homes for sale. It really is a true Cinderella story.


What about life outside of work?

I love to travel and experience life abroad. Of course, France holds a special spot in my heart, and after Vancouver, Paris is my favourite city in the world, followed closely by Venice! There’s no question that my travels have influenced my design. I love wandering through old churches and museums, glancing at the past, its art and design especially.

Being physically active is important too. I love to play tennis and have a very mean forehand! I try to play at least once a week if not more. You can’t ignore the beautiful nature that surrounds us, and you’ll find me hiking, cycling and skiing when I can.

Quiet time involves reading a book or sitting in a café and enjoying a delicious latte, while pouring over my favourite design magazines.

Entertaining is high on my list, and I very much enjoy cooking and throwing dinner parties for friends and sampling wonderful local and French (of course) wines.


The home staging process all starts with an initial, free visit where we get to know each other and view your property. I listen to any concerns or problems with the home and how we can improve the look to potential Home Buyers.

If you think we’re a great fit, call me at 604-838-9431 or email me at info@exitstageright.ca & Let’s get your property sold!